Welcome to Mr. Gilmartin's Wikispace!!!

On this page you can view collaborative content that students at Sparta Middle School have created in Mr. Gilmartin's social studies classes. At this time there are two separate projects that are shown on this site.

The first wiki experience was during the 2006-2007 school year where students worked individually or with a partner to research a Latin American country. During the weeks the students worked on this project we were ranked as the #1 most active wiki on Wikispaces.com!! The students worked incredibly hard and did an awesome job. The 'Wiki How-To' page is completely student created.

The second wiki experience is currently underway. We are creating a portfolio for each of the 27 Amendments to the Constitution. Students are responsible for reviewing 5 Supreme Court Cases about 5 different Constitutional Amendments and posting their reviews on the site. At the same time as they are creating the portfolio we are also using blogs on www.21classes.com to communicate and discuss current class topics. We are using the wiki as a central hub for the three separate blogs to communicate together.