Amendment Portfolio Project
The purpose of this project is to create an online portfolio of Supreme Court Cases that address each of the 27 Amendments. While it may not be possible to find a court case about each Amendment we are going to do our best to address each one. At the end of the assignment we will have created a wikispace that shows the Amendments and the court cases that challenged or supported them.
Portfolio Rules:
1. Since the entire team is working on this portfolio project it is natural that there are going to be students that both want to work on the same court case. However, we do not want to have repeat cases in our portfolio so that will not be allowed. There will only be one review of each court case. 2. Court Cases are chosen on a first come, first serve basis. If you decide that you want to review a certain Supreme Court Case for an Amendment, you need to put your name and the name of the court case on the page for that amendment. You will then be responsible for building a review of that case on the wikispace. 3. Each student is responsible for reviewing 5 different court cases and each one must relate to a different amendment. There are 27 Amendments to the Constitution and over 200 years of history, so there should be plenty of cases to choose from.
Case Review Requirements:
1. Your Name 2. Name and Year of Case (ex. New Jersey vs. Greiner, 2008) 3. Reason the Amendment was challenged or applied to the case 4. What was the decision in the case? 5. What did the decision mean? What impact did it have on our country?
Timeline of Events:
Wednesday, January 23 – Begin Project - Work in class on laptops Thursday, January 24 – Work in class on laptops Friday, January 25 – Work in class on laptops Wednesday, January 30 – each student has selected 5 court cases Friday, February 1 – each student has at least 1 court case reviewed Friday, February 8 – each student has at least 3 court cases reviewed Friday, February 15 – Project Completed – each student has reviewed 5 court cases

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