The following links are 7th grade student projects on an assigned Latin American Country or territory. The assignment requirements are at the bottom of the page.

Student Wikis

Central America

Belize - Philip and Jon
Belize - Ryan
Belize - Ryan2
Costa Rica - Mike
Costa Rica - Frank
El Salvador - Adriano
El Salvador - Adi4
El Salvador - Amanda
Guatemala - Jeff and Spencer
Honduras - Mike
Honduras - Steve
Mexico - Pat and Erik
Nicaragua - Jessica
Panama - Matt
Panama - Brian and AJ

Caribbean Islands

Antigua and Barbuda - Austin
Antigua and Barbuda - Ally and Carolynn
Bahamas - Lauren
Bahamas - Rob
Bahamas - Robert
Bahamas - Devon
Barbados - Jace
Barbados - Emily and Jakiee
Cuba - Jessica and Meagan
Cuba - Sam
Dominica - Alana
Dominica - Jessica
Dominican Republic - John and Kyle
Dominican Republic - Laura and Shayna
Grenada - Paul
Grenada - Jimmy
Haiti - Nikki
Haiti - Chelsea
Jamaica - Sofia
St. Kitts and Nevis - Chris
St. Lucia - Samantha
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Luke
Trinidad and Tobago - Jeff
Trinidad and Tobago - Courtney and Katie
Aruba - McKenna
Aruba - Paige and Cathy
Puerto Rico - Ben
Puerto Rico - Chris
Turks and Caicos - Kelly and Allie

South America

Argentina - Taylor
Bolivia - Emily and Josh
Bolivia - Travis
Bolivia - Meghan and Emily
Brazil - Paul
Brazil - Brian and Eric
Brazil - Topanga
Colombia - Anna and Jenn
Colombia - Amber and Sarah
Colombia - Katie and Nina
Colombia - Sonia
Ecuador - Emily
Ecuador - Shannon
Ecuador - Joe
French Guiana - Paxton
Guyana - Katie
Guyana - Victoria
Paraguay - Dana
Paraguay - Emily
Suriname - Brian
Suriname - Bri
Suriname - Eric
Uruguay - Amanda
Venezuela - Robbie and Joey
Venezuela - Caitlin
Venezeula - Jessica and Katie

Latin American Country Wiki Project

For this project you have the option of working individually or with one partner. If you choose to work with a partner you must choose a partner that IS NOT in your World Geography class and you will have some additional tasks to complete.

1. Title
  • Include the name of your country
  • Display the flag of your country
  • Include the national anthem of your country

2. Location
  • A Political Map of your country
  • Highlight or identify your country on the map
  • Describe the relative location of your country
  • Name the capital(s) of your country
    • List the absolute location of the capital(s) of your country
    • List 3-5 other major cities in your country

3. Place
  • A Physical Map of your country
    • Pictures of 3-5 physical features in your country (Be sure to include the name of the features)
  • A Climate or Weather Map of your country
    • List the climate(s) that are common in your country
    • Display a current weather forecast for your country
  • Show 3-5 cultural pictures of people in your country
  • Show a picture of something of cultural importance (art, monument.....)
  • Identify the government leaders of your country
  • What is the name of the currency used in your country?
  • Please identify and display the following information about your country
    • Population in any year from 2000-present (tell the year)
    • Major Languages (3 most common)
    • Major Religions (3 most common)
    • Life Expectancy for Males
    • Life Expectancy for Females
    • Literacy Rate (is there a difference for male/female?)
    • Major Ethnic Groups(5 most common)
    • Include 10 other interesting statistics about your country

4. Human-Environment Interaction
  • Create a Timeline with 5-10 major events that occurred in your country
    • 1 event MUST relate to the country's independence
  • Is any part of the rainforest located in your country?
    • Where is the rainforest located - describe using relative location

5. Movement
  • What is a major resource that is exported from your country?
  • What is the cost of a flight to your country from a local airport?
  • What foreign country(s) ruled your country at one point (or still does)?

6. Region
  • In what region of Latin America is your country located?
  • In what hemisphere is your country located?

7. Works Cited
  • Link the information you find online directly to the information in your wiki
  • For information found using a print source (book, magazine, etc...) complete an appropriate works cited.

  1. Create a word document to be linked to your wikispace. This document should be created as a newspaper and include 3-5 current events between June 1, 2006 and the present.
  2. Create a travel brochure to be linked to your wikispace. This may be as a word document or a separate linked webpage. Be creative. Why should Mrs. Nick visit your country? What are some major tourist attractions she should see? Please recommend 2 resorts or hotels for her to stay in.

Good Luck,

Mr. Gilmartin, Mrs. Gleason, Ms. Winegar and Mr. Higgins