U.S. v. Aczel tom hildebrand

Chapman v. King tom hildebrand

1. Mark Donahue
2. MacDougall v. Green 1948
3. The Illinois Election Code, Ill.Rev.Stat., c. 46, ยง 10-2, requires that candidateds wanting to form a new political party must have a petition signed by 25,000 legal voters including at least 200 votes each from at least 50 of the 120 counties in the state. since 52% of the voters lived in one county alone, there was an uneaven amount of voters in each county so if you got to the wrong counties, you would not get 200 people to sign from each state. Appellants decided to sue.
4. MacDougall had lost because it didn't violate the due process of law, equal protection, or the Seventeenth Amendment.
5. I think that that really isn't too fair. If one county has most of the voters, it will be extremely hard to get 200 people from each of the 50 counties that you go to to sign.